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Whilst working on client projects we often find useful bits of information out. Where possible we blog about that information to pass on our knowledge. Below are some of our most recent entries.

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jQuery Mobile CSS to SASS conversion - Trying to make theme creation simpler

Following the release of the jQuery Mobile framework we decided to have a serious look at it for all our future mobile web projects. The main area that grabbed our attention with this particular mobile framework was the graceful degradation of the code to those less capable devices.

Having looked at the theme side of things, we decided to start converting the CSS to SASS to make our life easier to theme future mobile sites and applications. So far we have not done a huge amount of work on the conversion. The main work so far has been around simplifying and separating out the theme swatches CSS rules. We have also implemented, where possible, a number of Compass CSS3 functions.

The next steps are to try convert more of the non-theme related CSS rules to make more use of SASS and Compass.

As the framework is only in Alpha release stage, we have decided to not completely rewrite the CSS to make use of nesting and other useful SASS functionality. When the jQuery developers firm up the CSS implementation, we'll then look how we can make full use of SASS and Compass.

Please feel free to fork away and submit pull requests. We want to make this project simplify the process of creating themes for everyone using the jQuery Mobile framework.

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